Re: need to link a structure to each anchor

> The HyperDoc is a undefined structure that the client can use to put in
> necessary information of the graphical object the anchor represents
> when the object is loaded and in memory. Remember that it's only parent
> anchors that have a graphical object associated with them - not child
> anchors, see

Well, the problem is that i'm alreay using the field document to store the  
object wich hold the informations presented to the user.
Also, the 'ParentAnchor' can be created and linked to the HTParentAnchor  
structure even if there is no document loaded.

I should link this field to my 'ParentAnchor' object and then link my document  
to this object, but i also need to link each HTChildAnchor object to a  
'ChildAnchor' object.