Split libwww from client

For those of us who distribute source,

I know this is going to be hard to swallow:

I don't think those of us that distribute source should be shipping our 
variant WWW libraries with it.
This pratice is probably the major reason at fault of the libwww 
fragmentation over clients.

Note that we all haven't hacked up the freeWAIS library that is 
supported; maybe because it's optional, maybe because we didn't go 
changing it to be specific to our client.

Adopting this policy would place the burden of providing client side 
hooks up to the libwww group.  Again, we come to this idea of system 
independent API, but now it is system/client independent API; this is 
already partially done via the GridText functions, but there are other 
places that a client likes to stick its nose in, too.

Not doing so will continue to support the idea that we can hack up our 
personal libwww just for our client.


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