Replace K&R source dist. with binary dist [Was: libwww ]

In message <Pine.3.89.9407131437.B21941-0100000@falcon.cc.ukans.edu>, Garrett Arch Blythe write
>On Wed, 13 Jul 1994, Eric W. Sink wrote:
>> Hi Garrett, thanks for jumping into this mess.  It does not appear that
>> your message went to the list, BTW.
>> >NO!  I definately disagree with the first of these requests.  There are
>> >many, many machines out there with K&R, and dumping that will bring me
>> >such pain as to increase Tylenol stock by 15 points.  Hell, you might as
>> >well ask if it should be done in C++ (see lynx-dev).

But how many of the users on these machines with K&R only are developing
libwww software?

The rest of the users are just that -- users, and they'll be much happier
with a compiled binary distribution than a K&R C source distribution,
I wager.

The big issue with binary distribution is viruses. To alleviate this
problem, I suggest that anybody who provides a binary distribution
should use MD5 checksums -- signed with a public key, if possible --
to allow end users to detect corrupted/forged/modified distributions.