RE: Agree: Require ANSI C for development [Was: libwww ]

>It's not a question of keeping things simple,

Of course it is!

>you can do an awfull
>lot more if you know the type of the thing you are mallocing.

Granted, but I don't want to do an awful lot more.

[ rather convincing argument deleted ]

>In fact I would like to suggest that we move to a system where EVERY routine
>returns a status code value. This could either be a simple integer or a
>pointer to a structure (more macros, should be a choice!). This means that
>you always know how to expect the status code and not have a mish mash of
>different status conventions.

OK, I'll accept your idea.  After all, I can't expect that others will
make *all* the compromises.  In general, returning status code values is
a Good Idea which is kind of hard to argue with, and your suggested W3_MALLOC
macro which has the type built in looks quite livable.

But it's not "simple" :-)

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