Re: libwww

On Wed, 13 Jul 1994, Eric W. Sink wrote:
> Hi Garrett, thanks for jumping into this mess.  It does not appear that
> your message went to the list, BTW.
> >NO!  I definately disagree with the first of these requests.  There are
> >many, many machines out there with K&R, and dumping that will bring me
> >such pain as to increase Tylenol stock by 15 points.  Hell, you might as
> >well ask if it should be done in C++ (see lynx-dev).
> Hmmm.  That's a bummer.  About how many Lynx users do you have?  Some
> free software packages provide one of those ANSI <-> K&R converters
> just for this purpose.  Any chance that would work for you?

You're right about this.  It'll have to be up to the users to have this 
converter though as I can't be providing it for every possible platform 
that Lynx will eventually see the light of day on.

One thing I've noticed, is that the ARGS macros don't take a pointer to a 
function very well, or a varaible number of arguments.

Someone please shoot me, but what about the very old machines running the 
line mode browser, like IBM/370's or whatever.  Do they have such a 
converter?  They will not like being left behind.

> >As for the 4 space tabs....  I hate it.  Truly.  I want a normal tab
> >character left up to my editor for interpretation.
> I may not have been clear.  Indent the code such that every indent
> is exactly one tab.  A configurable editor can choose to display
> those tabs expanded to 8 spaces or 3 or 4 or whatever.  But, for
> places where things need to line up with the thing above, and
> tabs are used for positioning, then you have to make some assumption
> about what tabs will expand to if you want it ever to line up.
> In this situation, assume that a tab will expand to 4 spaces.

Okay, looks like there is some headway into defining the conventions that 
we will be modifying the libwww in.


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