RE: Working list

>In order not to just talk about the suggestion but actually _do_
>something about them - I think we need a way to put up a common `to do'
>list and a working list where all ongoing projects and improvements are
>added. This should be possible as the list is quite small (currently 25

This would be a good idea regardless!

>Also the problem about exchanging diffs and new modules. We use
>currently a CVS system but that doesn't work over the net. Maybe a 
>combination of HTTP and CVS would do???

I have been thinking of how to convert some of my CMS code management stuff.
I'm not sure how do-able this is though. CVS is nowhere near as clean as 
CMS and does not have an API so much as blamange. Seriously I think it might
be as easy to build something from scratch arround Oracle, HTTP and some of the
neat bit of CVS rather than try yet another bolt on.