Re: Http request high cpu

> libwww is a unique library.  But it hasn't been maintained by anybody
> for two years, and that's starting to show.

I devoted a full man-month trying to understand libwww, 
writing a function of intermediate complexity  (supporting post requests, xml parsing, authentication etc.)
and figuring out that the problems I encountered were due to libwww and not my code.

I switched to libcurl, rewrote the same code in a week and haven't
looked back. 
Perhaps this library has some features that libcurl doesn't, though I
didn't have to use them for my needs. 
However, for libwww to survive, someone has to focus on these features
and let libcurl do the rest.
Personally, I can't find any reason to suggest libwww to anyone.

Christopher Akritides
Hellas On Line, Greece

Received on Friday, 26 November 2004 15:05:52 UTC