Committed Raffaele Sena's HTML 4.0 patches to cvs!

Raffaele Sena: As promised, here is the HTML parser updated to support
all the tags and attributes defined in HTML 4.0.

I left all the deprecated tags, but removed all the tags that
basically never existed in the real world (H7 ? HTMLPLUS, etc.)

I added all the attributes as specified in the HTML 4.0 DTD, apart for
the SCRIPT/event related attributes ( ON* ).

I created a couple of macros to define attributes, so that basically
the same definition can be copied between HTMLPDTD.c and HTMLPDTD.h
(preserving the ordering and the spelling).

See details at

Check it out from CVS as described in

and recompile as described in

Great work!

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
World Wide Web Consortium

Received on Saturday, 3 April 1999 19:43:26 UTC