Re: Accessing the sockets using libwww 5.0a

Hello Martin,

In our previous episode, Martin Ostrowski said:
> is there a smart way to force an application, based on the libwww, =
> sending and receiving data over the sockets, (e.g. fire an event when a =
> specified message is readed from the socket...)
> Thanx. -Martin

Have you tried using the HTAlert feature of libwww? It allows you to
have a callback when one of several events happens. You can program
which events you want to watch. You can add your own callback functions.

Try looking at module HTProgress.c, functions HTProgress(), and HTAlert_add().
Look at the HTProfile.c module to have an idea on how to use the latter.

Then do a debug run with breakpoints on those functions to see how
it works.

Hope this helps,


Received on Thursday, 21 November 1996 13:36:08 UTC