Re: HTInit.c on Windows

Gunnar R|nning writes:
> I'm just tried to compile the latest version of the library with MSVC 4.0
> and things seems to work fine except :
> why isn't HTInit.c part of any DLL ? Should I just do a static-link with
> it, or is its' omission from the DLLs a bug ? 
> let's see, aha, it's done in order to reduce the application size, right ?
> So the right thing for me to do is to duplicate those initializtion
> functions I need from HTInit and leave the rest out.

Yep - you got it :-) The initialization interface (WWWInit) is _not_ a DLL 
as it is really a part of the application ans as you say it includes the 
whole library - even if the application doesn't use it. Therefore, you can 
do two things - either you can call the initialization functions (HT*Init()) 
directly or if you like to customize the initialization - you can copy the 
contents of these files and modify it to fit your needs.

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Received on Monday, 24 June 1996 14:26:08 UTC