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Building and using www under NT3.51

From: Claude Zervas <czervas@elroy.mv.us.adobe.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 17:48:44 -0700
Message-Id: <199506020048.RAA21953@elroy.mv.us.adobe.com>
To: www-lib@www10.w3.org
There is a file called README-WinNT at:
that pretty much outlines the procedure for building both the
library and linemode browser under NT using MSVC2.x.
I followed the instructions and built both with no problems at all.
However, the run-time behaviour of the linemode browser under
NT is pretty spotty. The 'connect' call fails most of the time
with an WSAEINVAL socket error meaning the socket is not bound to
an address. It usually works after several retries.
Has anyone gotten a similar problem and, if so, have you found
a fix ? I don't recall getting the same problems from the 3.0
release on NT (but I made some changes to the code to get it
to run (single-threaded and non-interactive only)).
BTW I am using a proxy server if that makes a difference.

Thanks and I apologize for posting on this mailing list if
this isn't the appropriate spot.
- Claude Zervas
Adobe Systems (Seattle)
(206) 233-7345, czervas@adobe.com
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