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mswin: getting started

From: Daniel A. Norton <danorton@albany.net>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 06:37:19 -0400
Message-Id: <01BA16C6.58D1F380@chsw.albany.net>
To: "'www-lib'" <www-lib@w3.org>
Here's a list of people interested in contributing to the
MSWin port:

      Chiang, John - jchiang@crl.com
      Hartig, Kevin - hartig@fsl.noaa.gov
      Kalanik, John - jkalanik@mcs.com
      Walter, Scott J. "Scotty" - SJWalter@WinterNet.COM
      Wensel, Chris - cwensel@rtis.com

      Norton, Daniel A. - danorton@chsw.com
      Wensel, Chris - cwensel@rtis.com

If you're not on this list, and you want to be,
please let us all know by posting here.  Indicate whether or
not you're interested in Win16, Win32.  If you're interested
in both Win16 and Win32, consider just focusing on Win32,
since it requires additional knowledge.

ALSO, please tag all of your subject lines with "mswin"
if your posting refers exclusively to the Win16 or Win32
API port.  I expect that some posting will refer to the
w3lib in general, so don't tag those postings with "mswin" --
just tag postings that are probably not interesting to, say,
Unix folks.

Daniel A. Norton          danorton@chsw.com
Cherry Hill Software
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