HTImProxy configuration variable

What is the meaning of the HTImProxy configuration variable in HTAccess?

Its default value is "NO" and the only comment I can find is "If I'm
cern_httpd as a proxy".

This flag's default value causes my MEHOD_HEAD HTLoadPage request to return
an empty stream.  Further debugging shows that in HTLoadHTTP's state machine
the state transition:

case HTTP_SENT_REQUEST:			    /* Put up stream */
    http->target = HTImProxy ? request->output_stream :
HTTPStatus_new(request, http);
    http->state = HTTP_NEED_BODY;

uses HTImProxy to select the HTTPStatus_new stream rather than the desired
request->output_stream.  The HTTPStatus stream then eats the HTML header
information (as it should for the GET method, but not the HEAD method).

Thanks in advance for any input.

Speedy Mitch
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Received on Friday, 28 April 1995 17:27:21 UTC