Bug in libw3c 5.1b?

This may be a matter of standards interpretation, but I need some


I am using the latest version of the libw3c with my application and
notice that libwww distinguishes between a url of the form



whereas Netscape treats those URLS as the same.  

What is the official statement about the placement of a terminating slash?



I ran the LineMode browser with the -vau flags to give me the anchor
and uri traces during a session in which I encounter pages with both
the above URLS.   This is to prevent me from introducing any funny
business from my own application into the anchor creation.

The trace indicates that the library thinks these URLS are different

HTSimplify.. `http://www.ale.org/showcase/' into
............ `http://www.ale.org/showcase/'
Find Parent. 105dd8 with hash 65 and address `http://www.ale.org/showcase/'


HTSimplify.. `http://www.ale.org/showcase' into
............ `http://www.ale.org/showcase'
Find Parent. 115120 with hash 6 and address `http://www.ale.org/showcase' 


I would have expected HTSimplify to convert those two addresses into the
same URL.  Which behavior (libwww or Netscape)  is correct here? 
Or is this one of those browser decisions?

Many thanks.

Susan Liebeskind

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