libwww 5.1b bugs under FreeBSD


I've just tried to compile the 5.1b release of the reference library
on my FreeBSD R2.1.5 system. I've found some errors, which broke the

o In the HTMIMImp.c module, line 216 the isspace() makro isn't
  enclosed in braces. Under FreeBSD -- what is based on 4.4 BSD-Lite
  -- this results in compile error.
o In line 54 of the HTMemLog.c module, the flags of the open(2)
  function are: OPEN_FLAGS, which is defined in line 20 of the same
  module. The OPEN_FLAGS contains the O_SYNC flag, which is missing
  on FreeBSD. I don't know exactly what that flag means, I simply 
  ignored it!
o The third problem deals with autoconf (I think).
  On FreeBSD the timezone isn't a variable containing the number of
  seconds the local timezone differs from GMT! As I saw, the timezone
  is a function. (Is that possible?) The library always checks its value,
  it was hard to find how to set the timezone manually.
o It seems to me that the HTMIMEParseSet_add function doesn't frees
  some HTMemory_malloc-ed memory.