Re: w3c

At 02:32 PM 4/3/97 -0500, Lukas Faulstich wrote:

>when trying to load web pages from www.taz.de, w3c get's into a endless
>loop which prevents it from retrieving the HTML source. Netscape doesn't
>have any problems with this server.  An explanation could be the
>expiration time of these pages (see listing below). Do you know a
>work-around for this problem? Thanks in advance - 

The problem was that the response was a redirection message with no
content-length and hence relied on the connection to be closed in order to
terminate the response. If Apache by default closes the connection on a
redirect on the same server then this is a mistake which slows the system
down by an order of magnitude. You should then notify this to the Apache

Libwww saw the closed socket as a sign of a bad response and tries to
reopen the connection to repeat the operation. I have a fix ready but need
to do some testing before I can release it together with some other fixes.

PS: You should update to the latest Apache beta release as this has more
HTTP/1.1 performance features than beta 6.


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