using libwww5.0a with C++

I tried to compile the libwww5.0a with the SunOS cc (SC4.0) Compiler.
After writing an own Makefile this worked right, expect compiling the
file HTWAIS.c

In HTWAIS.c the cc-Compiler said
"HTWAIS.c", line 118: syntax error before or at: diagnosticRecord

The "diagnosticRecord" is never defined in any *.h file.

But I'm more interested in using the libwww with my CC (SC4.0)
Compiler. If I try to link the libwww.a together with my C++ object
files, CC writes an error for many libwww functions.

The header of my C++ file looks like:
#include "WWWLib.h"		 /* Global Library Include file */
#include "WWWApp.h"
#include "WWWInit.h"

The reason is that some libwww *.h files do not contain the
	#ifdef __cplusplus
	extern "C" {
statements. The statement is only in 36 of 129 *.h files. So C++ seeks
for C++ functions instead of C functions. Should I correct the *.h
files myself? 

I also found a problem with
	extern HTChunk * HTLoadAnchorToChunk (HTAnchor * anchor, 
				              HTRequest *request);

If I try to load big files (>64kB) to function failes. What is the

Thanks, Björn Voigt.

E-MAIL: bjoern@cs.tu-berlin.de 
WWW: http://www.cs.tu-berlin.de/~bjoern/