Re: LineMode won't show return errors?

Bill Kearney writes:
> When I try using the linemode (www) program to request data it doesn't
> return the errors.  As in, if I ask it to grab an unknown URL it doesn't
> return the normal 404 error message.  It returns a couple of blank
> lines.

Thanks - fixed

> PICS request not found
> ====
> So you can see that the interactive session returned the 404 error
> properly.  Why doesn't the programmatic use do it?
> On other topics how the heck do I use the PICS stuff?  More importantly,
> how do I tell it NOT to care about the PICS stuff?

This has also been fixed.

I am giving out a new release oct 10, so please stay tuned.

Thanks, Henrik
Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, <frystyk@w3.org>
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