Compiling/Running 4.1 beta 3 on Windows NT

Question:  What is required to get the W3C Reference Library  to cleanly
compile and run on
Windows NT 3.51 using Visual C++ 4.1?

Has anyone compiled w3c-libwww-4_1b3a.zip under Win32 configuration
prior to distribution? My guess is that they did
not, since compiling the module HTWWWStr.c  yields an 'undeclared
identifier' error (which presumably would have
easily detected and fixed prior to distribution):

PUBLIC char * HTLocalToWWW (const char * local)
    char * result = NULL;
    if (local && *local) {
	StrAllocCopy(result, "file:");
#ifdef VMS

. . .

#else  /* not VMS */
#ifdef WIN32
	    char * p = NULL;
	    StrAllocCopy(p, local);
	    /* StrAllocCat(result, "/");  */	
	    while (*p) {
		if (*p == '\\')		
		    *p = '/';
		ap++;				<--  error C2065: 'ap' : undeclared identifier
	    StrAllocCat(result, p);
#else /* not WIN32 */
	StrAllocCat (result, local);
#endif /* not WIN32 */
#endif /* not VMS */
    return result;

Having corrected this (ap++ to p++) to produce the DLLs, I test the
library using the 'libapp_4.c'
URL retrieval app.  Consequently, I find that the library crashes with
access violations
in the module HTFWrite.c as follows:

PRIVATE int HTFWriter_write (HTStream * me, const char* s, int l)
    int status ;
    status = (fwrite(s, 1, l, me->fp) != l) ? HT_ERROR : HT_OK ;	<-
referencing 'me->fp' caused access violation
    if (l > 1 && status == HT_OK) (void) HTFWriter_flush(me);
    return status ;

Please advise on what distribution you've used to avoid these
build/runtime problems.

I am looking forward to using this library, and hopefully in getting my
company interesting in becoming a member!


John Baker
Vienna, Virginia  USA