Re: Authentication in 4.1b3, Makefile dependencies

Bill Rizzi writes:
> Charles Morehead wrote:
> > The other problem had to do with using configure with a platform
> > specific sub directory (if one is going to make on multiple platforms
> > in the same source hierarchy, one can make a subdirectory for the
> > platform, cd into that directory and the run ../configure). I had to
> > add "../../" to many of them in order to compile.
> 	I had this (or a very similar) problem with all of the application 
> Makefiles.  Specifically, the distributed `app`/src/Makefile.in files.  I 
> don't have automake, so I was using Makefile.in rather than Makefile.am, from
This problem is fixed in the 4.1b3a version that has just been put on our 
Website. You can get it from


The problem was that we at that time had some file system problems that made 
some unpredictable errors.

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