ComLine -post bug ?

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From: Fabien Campagne <campagne@yellow.incm.u-nancy.fr>
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Subject: ComLine -post bug ?
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I think I found a bug (or maybe it isn't because the documentation does'nt
really describe what should be the correct behavior :-)

if you have a file named "iaf" that contains : "lname=campagne"
and you try:

ComLine -post iaf -dest http://www.iaf.net/searchresults.html

This example should feed the internet address finder Form with a
correct input then you get back : nothing.

ComLine is not waiting for a reply after a POST.

I changed some things to the source (I'm not a web specialist but I know
that the changes I made are NOT correct: they were just to know if I 
would be able to make it work), and I was able to get the correct feedback.

I made these changes to HTLine.c :

<     static int num=0;
<     num ++;
<     if (num <=1) return HT_OK;
<     {
<     }
<               HTRequest_setMethod(cl->request, METHOD_POST);
- - ---
>               HTRequest_setMethod(cl->request, METHOD_GET);

The first change is the most stupid: I just added a counter to wait for
the second call to the terminate handler. The result is that 
	1 in case of a POST method the reply is received.
	2 in case of just one call ComLine will never finish.

I know that a timeout would be much better but it was just an experiment.

The second change just make the -post flag do what it is intended for..
(as far as I can guess :-)
I would be really interested in a new release of ComLine that will fix this
"things" in a good way.
It would be really helpfull to my projects to get a way to interact with 
data-base forms.

Best regards,

Fabien Campagne -- campagne@incm.u-nancy.fr   | Theoretical Chemistry
Dept. phone: (033) 83 91 20 00 extension 3236 | University of Nancy, France.

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