Re: Authentication in 4.1b3, Makefile dependencies

Charles Morehead wrote:
> The other problem had to do with using configure with a platform
> specific sub directory (if one is going to make on multiple platforms
> in the same source hierarchy, one can make a subdirectory for the
> platform, cd into that directory and the run ../configure). I had to
> add "../../" to many of them in order to compile.

	I had this (or a very similar) problem with all of the application 
Makefiles.  Specifically, the distributed `app`/src/Makefile.in files.  I 
don't have automake, so I was using Makefile.in rather than Makefile.am, from 
which Makefile.in is generated by automake.

	The problem is that header file dependencies are expressed as 
"Library/src/HTxxx.h" rather than "../../Library/src/HTxxx.h".  I got around 
this by putting a symbolic link in each affected directory:

	ksh from top-level directory:

	$ for app in ComLine LineMode Listen MiniServ PICS-client Robot
	> do
	>	ln -s ../../Library $app/src/Library
	> done
	$ ln -s ../../PICS-client LineMode/src/PICS-client

	Quick and dirty, but effective.


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