Server - returning HTTP status code

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Subject: Server - returning HTTP status code
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I'm beating my head against the wall (: trying to get the Mini Server to =
return an HTTP/1.0 Status line of type 2xx

for right now, I replace the line "500 Internal" with "HTTP/1.0 200 " to =
get the server
to return a 200 status code, and for HT_ERROR in the terminate_handler()
I have the following:

/*start vun mod */
   case HT_ERROR:
	 HTStream * OutStream;
	 HTStreamClass * isa;
	 HTError * pres;
	 HTList * cur;

	 cur =3D (HTList*) HTRequest_error(request);
	 	int index;
	 	char buf[256];
	 	while((pres =3D (HTError*) HTList_nextObject(cur)))
	 		index =3D HTError_index(pres);
			case    HTERR_NOT_FOUND:        /*404   */
                       			sprintf(buf, "%s<H1>Error %d</H1>
                              		Not found<HR>%s %s%s%c%c",
                              		<BODY>", 404, APP_NAME, APP_VERSION,
                              		"</BODY></HTML>", CR, LF);

				goto zend;
	OutStream =3D HTRequest_outputStream(request);
            isa =3D OutStream->isa;
            (*isa->put_string)(OutStream, buf);

	break; =09

/*end vun mod	*/

	<rest of org terminate_handler() code here>

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