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I'm trying to interact with a database via a http mechanism.
We agreed with the responsible of the web server.
Here is the question, can I use the ComLine utility to request
information via user available forms ?
I made some tries but was unable to 
 post a request AND get the answer from the server.

I tried :

ComLine -post -dest http://www-grap.fagmed.uit.no/cgi-bin/mutquery post.html 
-l log

which resulted on stdin:
Looking up www-grap.fagmed.uit.no
Contacting host...
Read (100% of 1K)
Written (481% of 1K)
Written (100% of 1K)

and in log:
localhost - - [Tue, 23 Apr 1996 16:55:40] GET \
file://yellow.incm.u-nancy.fr/usr/people/campagne/html/post.html 29999 49

note the that no post is written in log but the programm say "Written"...

many thanks,

Fabien Campagne -- campagne@incm.u-nancy.fr | Theoretical Chemistry Dept.
phone: (033) 83 91 20 00 extension 3236     | University of Nancy, France.

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