HTRequest parameter on HTEvent_Loop?

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Subject: HTRequest parameter on HTEvent_Loop?
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I decided not to bother the www-lib list with this detail...

I am wondering if the HTRequest parameter in HTEvent_Loop is sensible.
It doesn't seem to be used for anything until some error occurs. My
wonderings are

 - which HTRequest is supposed to go with HTEvent_Loop?

 - if I use a request created for the purpose of some initial
   HTLoadAnchor, there is a problem that this one special HTRequest
   cannot be deleted after the load is completed (because the pointer
   to it will remain in the HTEvent_Loop, and might get used on error

 - I have not looked closely, but do the errors that actually use the
   HTRequest in event loop really have any relation to this particular

 - maybe event loop description should just state that create a dummy
   HTRequest for the purpose, don't use any "real" HTRequest?

With the current library (4.0), I suppose the Event loop would mostly
work if I just passed NULL, but if I decide on that solution, some
future library may barf on my application.

(All this is inspired by the fact that I don't always have any
"natural" HTRequest to pass to HTEvent_Loop in my application, and I
started wondering which of the ones I have would be the right one...)

- -- msa

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