Improved news support - files and patches are ready

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Hi Henrik!

Finally I have found some time and have prepared files with improved
news support. You can get them at  .
I think this way (via HTTP) is much safer for binary transfers than mail.

In there are only modified files, changes and patches. Unfortunately 
I still 
haven't managed to write any explanations on algorithms etc. News modules are
used internally by the library (there aren't any APIs), so I hope it will be 
to use the modified code without any special explanations. In the 
there is
the file called changes.txt which contains all necessary information about 
required in other parts of the library. I also wrote there a few words on 
which I haven't solved yet.

I'm waiting for questions and suggestions. I promise that I will write more 

Best Regards

Maciej Puzio

P.S. Sorry for // comments in code - I recognize my changes by them. If you 
wish I 
can classic-C-ize them. On the other hand, the code is rather poorly commented 
I will have to work on it a little some time.  ;-)

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