A while ago I sent mail about comline and linemode crashes in htmime.  I
don't know if this is a hint,  but libapp_3 also crashes on the same spot
i.e. line 251 of htmime.c,  but libapp_4 actually works.  It seems like
the "request" variable in libapp_3 is not set input or output stream.  I'm
not sure if comline or linemode has the same situation though.  The problem
exists whether I use _CONSOLE or _WINDOWS,  and the libwww I use is 4.1b1.
Also it doesn't matter whether I use static or dynamic library.
It would be nice if I can download someone's wwwmime.dll and try things out.

Received on Thursday, 4 July 1996 01:11:53 UTC