Re: Is 'Location: URI' header supposed to work?

Markku Savela writes:
> I have looked into this closer. The crash occurs at end of
> 	HTMIME.c/HTMIME_put_block:
>     /* 
>     ** Put the rest down the stream without touching the data but make sure
>     ** that we get the correct content length of data
>     */
>     if ((status = (*me->target->isa->put_block)(me->target, b, l)) != HT_OK)
>         return status;
> because me->target is NULL. And, seems that the SITETRACK software
> returns the redirections without content-type headers, and WWWLIB does
> not generate any output target in that case?
> Anyways, what is the correct workaround for this? Test me->target and
> if NULL, return HT_OK or HT_ERROR or something else? Force some
> default content-type if the header is missing?

This has been fixed. The problem was an error in the new MIME parser which 
didn't accept responses with metainformation alone.

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Received on Monday, 12 August 1996 17:03:32 UTC