I tried to compile the libwww-4.1b1 and ran into the following
	Compile time 

		In function HTHost_setChannel :socket : ident not declared

PUBLIC BOOL HTHost_setChannel (HTHost * host, HTChannel * channel)
    if (!host && !channel) return NO;
    if (host->channel) {
	if (CORE_TRACE) HTTrace("Host info... %p already persistent\n", host);
	return YES;
    } else {
	SOCKET sockfd = HTChannel_socket(channel);
	if (!Persistent) Persistent = HTList_new();
	if (sockfd != INVSOC && HTList_count(Persistent)<HTNet_maxSocket()-2) {
	    host->channel = channel;
	    host->expires = time(NULL) + TCPTimeout;	  /* Default timeout */
	    HTList_addObject(Persistent, host);
	    if (CORE_TRACE)
		HTTrace("Host info... added host %p as persistent\n", host);
	    return YES;
	} else {
	    if (CORE_TRACE)
		HTTrace("Host info... no room for persistent socket %d\n",
	Should be sockfd  ? I dont know how it can compile , I replaced it
	with sockfd
    return NO;

At run time when trying libapp_3 or libapp_4 examples, I got core dumps due to the 
HTMIME_put_block function :

    ** Put the rest down the stream without touching the data but make sure
    ** that we get the correct content length of data
	    if ((status = (*me->target->isa->put_block)(me->target, b, l)) != HT_OK)
	        return status;
At this time me->target is NULL and, of course dumps core ....


Received on Tuesday, 6 August 1996 05:21:08 UTC