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Job Posting (New York City): Senior Developer to collaborate on advanced open-source WebDAV servers

From: Tim Olsen <tolsen718@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 13:33:03 -0500
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Apologies for the cross posting.  I hope that I have not sent this job
posting to any mailing list where it is not appropriate.  Feel free to
forward this message to
any webdav-related announce mailing lists if deemed suitable.

Lime Wire is looking for a Senior Developer to work with us on two
advanced WebDAV servers that we plan to open source.  One server is a
fork of the Catacomb project and is being written as an Apache C
module.  The other server is being written in Ruby on Rails and is
more of a prototype.  Both servers are backed by a database (currently
MySQL) with resource bodies being stored on the file system.

Our servers are written from the ground up to support the BIND draft
(with support for bind cycles).  Other RFCs / drafts that we plan to
support are:

Basic WebDAV (RFC 2518) (plus locking)
ACL (RFC 3744)
Quota & Size (RFC 4331)
DeltaV (RFC 3253)
Redirect (RFC 4437)
Mount (RFC 4709)

We have basic webdav, acl, quota, and some basic DeltaV features
working already in our Apache C implementation.  We are currently
finishing off the basic webdav features in our Rails implementation.

Why haven't we open-sourced these servers yet?  We have not yet firmly
decided which open-source licenses to use for the servers.  In
addition, we need to devote time and resources to setup the
open-source projects so that we can properly foster a community around
them.  Part of this position will involve fostering this community.

Our main office is in New York City.  This position requires
relocating to the New York metropolitan area if you don't already live

We currently have two developers working on the project here in
Manhattan and eight developers working remotely in Gurgaon, India
(Gurgaon is just outside Delhi).  They regularly visit New York for
months at a time.  Part of this position will involve communication
with our remote developers (and of course, the eventual open-source
community).  This position will likely include periodic travel to
Gurgaon (probably about once or twice a year for two or three weeks at
a time).

If you're interested, please email webdav-jobs@limewire.com with a
resume and cover letter.  Please include in the cover letter how you
found out about this job posting.

The following is the more-official-but-less-webdav-centric job

Lime Wire LLC, maker of the famous file-sharing program, seeks an
exceptional Senior Developer. The right candidate will be a
high-energy individual, open to new ideas, self-motivated, a quick
study, and willing to develop new skills, while constantly improving
upon existing abilities. Candidates must also be a strong multi-tasker
with exceptional time-management skills. We seek talented, smart
candidates who will work well in a team environment.



    * MS in Computer Science or equivalent (PhD is a plus), but will
      consider exceptionally strong candidates with only a BS
    * 5+ years industry experience
    * Excellent software design and communication skills
    * Experience with at least one object-oriented programming language
    * Knowledge of database fundamentals

Nice to Have

    * Experience writing apache modules
    * Ruby / Ruby on Rails
    * MySQL or PostgreSQL
    * HTTP/WebDAV protocols
    * Semantic Web

Extra Credit

    * Experience with several programming paradigms (functional,
      object-oriented, logical, etc.)
    * Experience with object-oriented languages other than C++ or
      Java. For example: Smalltalk, CLOS
    * SQL
    * J2EE
    * Experience working on open-source projects

More about us

Lime Wire's offices are located in Tribeca in downtown Manhattan. We
offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits, including 5 weeks
of vacation per year. Our workplace is casual and while we work hard,
there is always a little more time for a game of poker or a summer
party on our garden roof deck.

Tim Olsen
Lead Software Developer
Lime Wire LLC
Received on Monday, 18 December 2006 18:33:17 UTC

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