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Re: release schedule of upcoming 2.2.2?

From: <taka-jigsaw-project@peaglone.net>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:39:36 +0900
To: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Message-Id: <3DDD98E90363FF.taka-jigsaw-project@peaglone.net>

My mail address has been changed from Takakido@aol.com to this.

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 Takakido@aol.com wrote:

>Final code would be release before the end of the yea.

I hope too!

>I didn't try with perl, so I can't comment, but I recently produced new
numbers that I will use to update the performance page. Also, I managed to
have better result on the same machine than Apache, but as I am not an
expert in tuning Apache, I am taking those results with a grain of salt.
For servlet, a previous bench done by a german site was showing that
native java servers were far faster than non-java servers.

I am using Win2000 pro and tried to use the current latest verision of Jigsaw with Perl 5, but little bit slower than apache with perl5 in my feeling. I hope that performance with servlet is better than apache with Tomcat. but no environment to use tomcat now... I would expect your update of the performance page based on Windows2000 hopely....?

Many thanks!


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