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Re: proxy release of 2.2.1

From: Christopher William Turner <cwturner@cycom.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 11:33:18 +0100
Message-ID: <3CB2C36E.1C9C710E@cycom.co.uk>
To: Stephane Nicoll <snicoll@kiala.com>
CC: www-jigsaw@w3.org
It is generally a hard problem to partition source files into
independent packages.
If you want some help to do this it would be best to write a
computer program that will do it automatically for any collection, find
cycles etc.
I did this once but I have no time to do it again!
As I recall, jigsaw had some dependencies which would require the
of a few more interface classes to break it up.

1)You could start with a known entry point source
and try to compile it. It would of course fail to compile but the
message should indicate a needed dependency which you could then auto
find and add to the list of sources.

2) Another possibility is to supply flags to the JRE to persuade it to
list classes
as they are loaded.

3) Another possibility is to look in the generated class files. The
compiler store the *real* import dependencies in the class file
(rather than those mere programmer estimates of dependencies listed in
the source file)

All approaches may need some human guidance to find classes not
linked (e.g loaded by name from property values) but this should be a

Option 3 is the most favorable and I have complete source to an old
"jmake" which
has classes for decoding class files and graphing the dependencies.
Just ask and I will send it. (53Kbytes).

Stephane Nicoll wrote:
> Hello,
> Are you going to release a proxy package of 2.2.1 ? I found the proxy package
> of 2.0.5 very useful since I am using the proxy functionnalities only in my
> projects. And of course I cannot afford to add 8 Mo of files since most of
> them are unused.
> So If someone can help me! I have already tried to make my own proxy pacakge
> for 2.2.0 but I don't know which file are mandatory and which aren't.
> Thank you,
> St├ęphane

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