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how to config SSL?

From: cxv <chaixinwei@sina.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:52:28 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <002e01c02907$efe2c520$e101a8c0@cxv>
To: <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Dear Madam/Sir:

    I'm writing to you because of a trouble in configing ssl certificates of "JigsawSSL 2.0.1 beta version".

    I use Win98 as a Webserver OS,Jdk 1.2 as JVM.

    In my testing process,before I tick the "require client certificate" and "require trusted root certificate" in JigsawSSL Certificate Manager's Trusted Client Certificates,the JigsawSSL Server work ok and I can visit it by "https://localhost:4433".
    But I want the JigsawSSL Server "require client certificate" and "require trusted root certificate". So I did the following work:

    1. Running certManager12.cmd to start "JigsawSSL Certificate Manager".
    2. Create a pair of RSA Keypair and a self-signed certificate.
    3. Get the root certificate from just created JigsawSSL.keystore by a little program using iaik.security.provider.IAIK as JVM's security.provider.The little program is attached with this letter.
    4. Add the root certificate into my IE's certificate manager's root certificates item.
    5. Add a personal certificate and the corresponding root certificate into my IE's certificate manager's certificates items.
    6. Add the personal certificate's corresponding root certificate into "JigsawSSL Certificate Manager"'s "Trusted Client_Root Certificates".
    7. Running run12.cmd to start the JigsawSSL Webserver.

    Then, use my IE to visit the JigsawSSL Webserver by "https://localhost:4433". The SSL connection can't be built and the JigsawSSL Webserver print a sentence---"No trusted root certificate, connection NOT allowed!".

    I tried many times and the personal certificate and its root certificate are good.I wonder if my "JigsawSSL 2.0.1 beta version" has some error.

    If there are something I don't describe clear,please tell me.Your prompt reply will be appreciate.

                                Your sincerely,

                                        Xinwei Chai(8610-13001265707)
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