Re: Creating protected directory for specific users

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Following steps described in documentation works :
create a realm, users in that realm ( and perhaps having
users belonging to groups - it's easier to manage ).
You'd perhaps better gives a password to users ( I never
tried without ).
Then, if you've got a 'protected' directory at the root
( take care with uppercase, lowercase, depending on the configuration
of Jigsaw ), you'll create a directory - it's propertie depending on
what's your putting into.
If your crating a servlet directory, then, during creation, it's
attribute is ...resources.DirectoryResource
Frame used is therefore a ServletDirectoryFrame
( have a look at the servlet directory ).
Then, add a resource to ServletDirectoryFrame, witch name
is GenericAuthFilter, with it's realm ( choose the right one ),
 and a list of users and/or group.
Put your servlet into that directory, reindex it and check
that they are known by Jigsaw.
Do forget to commit at every step; save it; it should work.

Hope this help - Regards - j brax

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