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On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Niklas Wiberg wrote:

> Hello
> I'm using Jigsaw as a proxy. I can't find anything in the documentation
> about ordering of server-side filters.
> Suppose that I have three server-side filters with ingoingFilter() and
> outgoingFilter() methods. How can one   set which order these methods
> are called when a request is processed?
> E.g. Filter1.ingoingFilter(), then Filter2.ingoingFilter(), then
> Filter3.ingoingFilter()...
> This is interesting since Filter1 could modify the request, which would
> affect how Filter2 would react...
> Or will I have to create one single filter that performs all my filter
> work in order to control it?

At some point, we though of a priority system for filters, ie filters are
aggregated then sorted according to their priority, it was not implemented
as it is very difficult to set an absolute value for a filter.
The current algorithm gathers the filters, and they are executed in the
order they were gathered, aka during the lookup of /foo/bar/foobar.html
if you have a filter on foo and two filter on foobar.html

You will have the FooFilter -> Filter1 -> Filter2 ingoingFilter calls
then Filter2 -> Filter1 -> FooFilter outgoing calls.
Hope this helps,

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