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I recently submitted the  bug below to IAIK. I tried using the updated
Jigsaw code to solve the problem but apparently IAIK add some fields
('sslContext') to the HttpURLConnection because I get a NoSuchField
error when I mix IAIK and the new Jigsaw.

I created my own URLStreamHandlerFactory and created a temporarily
hacked w3c's HttpBasicConnection to use SSLSocket and now I added the
line 'checkReply()' to the beginning of getHeaderFieldKey(). This got me
a bit further so the connection is not being established before the
getHeaderFieldKey() is being called.

The problem occuring now is that the the SSL code is complaining about
Amazon sending plain text. I guess some traffic in transmitted
unencrypted and my hacked code is doing it improperly. In one last
attempt I added a URLConnection.connect() statment after my
URL.openConnection(). When the connection is a
sun.www.protocol.http.HttpURL connection the object is already connected
when openConnection() returns. This is not the case with
iaik.protocol.https.HttpsURLConnection. When I connect() I later get the
error that
I am already connected.

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Already connected
        at java.lang.Throwable.<init>(Compiled Code)
        at java.lang.Error.<init>(Error.java:53)
        at java.lang.LinkageError.<init>(LinkageError.java:46)
        at java.net.URLConnection.setDoOutput(URLConnection.java:644)
org.w3c.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.setDoOutput(Unknown Sourc
metabuilder.io.AccessRequestWorker.processHttpRequest(Compiled Code)
        at metabuilder.io.AccessRequestWorker.run(Compiled Code)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Compiled Code)

I know that it is in w3c code but I hope by submitting it to both of you
someone will take responsibility for the problem. If IAIK doesn't want
to take responsibility for this problem then would you PLEASE send the
source for iaik.protocol.https.HttpsURLConnection and related classes so
that I may solve it.

------------------------- Here is the original bug

Problem Description: The https StreamHandler generates
NullPointerExceptions when I
submit post requests to sites. In this case it is on www.amazon.com.

Go to http://www.amazon.com
Enter 'Java' into the edit field on the left.
Press the 'Go' button
Select the book 'Beginning Java 2'
Select 'Add to Shopping Cart' on the right
Select 'Proceed to Checkout'
Enter any username/password and select 'I am a returning customer'
This is where the exception occurs. It has occurred on other sites
where I have submitted requests.

I have tested this on the Linux IBM JDK1.1.8 and the
Sun JDK also.

Additional Info: 17:30:01 FWD
,Thread-29,AccessRequestWorker.processHttpRequest,Failed loading
    at metabuilder.io.AccessRequestWorker.processHttpRequest(Compiled
    at metabuilder.io.AccessRequestWorker.run(Compiled Code)^M
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Compiled Code)^M

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a)     at
org.w3c.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getHeaderFieldKey(Compiled Code)
this is not part of our code, it's part of the W3C-library, and we cannot
take any responsibility for that. We just include this with our product to
help our users. Maybe we shouldn't do that :-) The source-code for that part
is available from http://www.w3.org. Some of our customers have since
replaced this by their own implementations or fixed the w3c stuff.

b) as you were trying this with iSaSiLk 2.5: we have released 3.0 meanwhile,
you might try if the problem doesn't occur there.


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