Problems with servlet


I've been trying to get a servlet to work in Jigsaw, but am having some
problems (and I've had them before and given up).

I don't have a /servlet directory, so I want to add a servlet manually.

I have:

   * Created a ServletWrapper resource with the identifier "MailForm"
   * Verified it got a proper ServletWrapperFrame attached to it
   * Put the fully qualified class name in the servlet class field
   * Made sure the package root is in the CLASSPATH
   * Restarted Jigsaw after every single configuration change (and verified
     the changes were saved and re-read)
But I am still getting nothing but a closed connection when I try to access
the resource (Netscape reports "the document contanied no data", and a
telnet session confirms that Jigsaw closes the connection after being given
the GET command). The logs contain nothing useful.

The servlet is never invoked, as is verified by some debug print-outs I've
made in the various methods.

What am I doing wrong? Other servlets seemingly configured the same way seem
to work. The difference is that those were configured by the default indexer
of the /servlet directory (which no longer exists, but that's another matter).


/ Peter Schuller

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Received on Saturday, 12 February 2000 18:36:23 UTC