IAIK and Jigsaw (2.0.1) and servlet properties


I am usning your webserver Jigsaw 2.0.1 together with the SSL+encrypto
(from IAIK).
When I started to use servlet.properties I ran into problems (otherwise
it has been a great product except for some minor GUI prob. :-)).

I cannot set the servlet properties with the Jigadmin tool? I need some
serious help here. I have read the user guide (from the start up page of
the server) and I don't get it to work.
The difference is that I have a symbolic link  called servlets to my
tree where I have the servlets. I did not want to take the whole product
into the servlet directory. All this worked fine as long as I did not
use the servlet.properties but when I wanted to set them could not get
server read props.

I really need some advice !! I am in your hands.

Mikael Petterson

Received on Monday, 7 February 2000 04:28:18 UTC