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for Jigsaw 2.03

1- i want to understand line by line what is in "http-server-index"
,"root.idx" and store file "st-xx", do you have any documentation about-it ?
can it be understood ??

2- do you have a date for a stable release with XML serialization ???

3- what is consideration, if i want to save information contained in the
index file and in the store file in a database ??


5- i'm not sure but i thing that unuse store file are not remove from the
store directory (after deleting a ressource in jadmin, or after reindex)
that is right and why ???

6- when i add a large directory, (like the workload tree from webbench 3.0,
see ZDnet.com) it take up to 50 minutes to add it but only 3 to 5 minutes
with jigsaw 2.01.  After the first indexing, it take only 3-5 to re-index
the webbench tree. Why it take so longuer to make the first indexing, and
how to correct this gap.

Yanick Gamelin

Software Engineer Jr, System Research dpt.
Ericsson Research Canada
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Town of Mount Royal, Qc
Tel: (514) 345-7900  ext: 5998
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e-mail: lmcyaga@lmc.ericsson.se

Received on Friday, 4 February 2000 16:23:48 UTC