Re: [Moderator Action] Re: new Jigsaw release 2.0.4

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Niklas Wiberg wrote:

> I think I have solved the problem. The thing seems to be NOT to use the
> save button in Jigadmin. If I don't use that button but instead only
> uses JigKill to save and stop, the server will exit just fine.
> It also proxies now - the problem with that was that the "Max
> connections" property doesn't default to 5 as it says in the
> documentation but to 0 (zero).

The new servlet preload was causing some thread to hang, but it was fixed,
also if the value was set to 0 it should have take the defaulting value
which is 5, I will look into that. 5 is a good default value for a client,
but I would suggest to raise it for a proxy use, epsecially if it is

> By the way - can someone explain why I won't get any mails from the
> list. I have subscribed and confirmed and I must be a member since my
> mails reach the archive. My ISP does not have any mail filters...

I added you manually in the list, it is sometimes... strange ;)

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