Question regarding jdbm class:

Is this implementation thread safe?  I've noticed that bucket lookups are synchronized, but I am not clear whether this guarantees thread-safety (or rather data integrity).  

I have also noticed some of the commented caveats in the -- for example in jdbmBucket.add() regarding bucket splits -- but unfortunately I am not exactly clear on what actions would create such conditions.

Please note that I intend to use only the exposed jdbm interface and would not directly utilize (or subclass) the support classes; and that the objects that I am writing will guarantee that at any given time, only one thread will take destructive (w/u/d) action for a given key.

I would also greatly appreciate any information regarding usage and performance considerations (threading, file size caps, performance tweaks, etc.) for this class.  (I am aware of the key Enumeration issue.)

Thank you very much in advance.

Received on Tuesday, 29 June 1999 16:15:54 UTC