SSI and servlet parameters

Okay, I see numerous examples in the mailing list archives of passing
to servlets. They just don't work.

<!--#servlet name="fred" code="/music/query">
<!--#servlet name="fred" param="bandid" value="217">
<!--#servlet name="fred" param="mode" value="gen">

The only one which shows up in the servlet in req.getParameterNames() is the
last one in the .shtml file. If I put all the parameters on the same
tag, the same thing is true, only the last one shows up in the parameter

<!--#servlet name="fred" code="/music/query" param="bandid" value="217"
param="mode" value="gen">

In fact, if I have a later line in the .shtml file, which is not even a
proper tag, the parameter from that line is the one in the enumeration!

<! -#mervlet name="fred" param="foo" value="bar">

(not a typo, no dash, and written 'm'ervlet)

For what I'm trying to accomplish, #include almost works

<!--#include virtual="/music/query?mode=gen&bandid=217">

EXCEPT that the output from this inclusion shows up BEFORE the contents of
the .shtml file which enclose it. I tried flushing the output stream in the
servlet before writing the query output, but that didn't change anything.
It would also be convenient if there were an easy way to tell from within
servlet that it is #included so it knows not to write HTML headers and
trailers (I hacked it).

I tried the devel classes 19990607 but that didn't help. I had an additional
problem with these classes which may have prevented the other stuff from
working - I kept getting server responses like

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Connection: Close

instead of executing my servlet. So I'm back on 2.0.1.

Are multiple servlet parameters from a #servlet working for other people?
Is #include virtual for a servlet showing up at the proper place in the
for others?
Is there an easy way for a servlet to tell if it is being #included?

Jeff Van Epps
Live Music In Rochester

Received on Sunday, 20 June 1999 15:21:08 UTC