Re: java Install

or better still eliminate the Install program altogether. As far as I know this program
just adds some absolute file pathnames to some properties. Far better to leave
these relative to some virtual path specified by command line parameter such as
INSTALLDIR, that way a
jigsaw configuration could be moved or copied (e.g between a windows dev machine and a
unix live machine).

Jigsaw does not currently support document systems on CDROM. This could be made to work by

using the virtual path idea and having a routine which translates a virtual path to one
of  2 physical paths in a way
sensitive to the read-only nature of the CDROM. If file exists on the writable shadow
directory then use it, else
use the file on the read-only directory. This would minimise the use of client hard disk
by only storing changed files.

Roland Mainz wrote: What about a small piece of code which checks if the classes are
available or not, and fires an error message.

Chris Turner,

Received on Monday, 14 June 1999 07:51:05 UTC