Jigsaw and Apache coexisting...

I've asked this question in the past and received instructions from Yves
(thank you).  But I can't seem to get anything working properly and I'm
starting from scratch.  :)

We are developing servlets using Aache as our main web server, hwever
we'd like to include Jigsaw as a supported server.  I'd like Jigsaw and
apache to use the same directory tree on my development server so I can
test the content from either server w/o file hassles.  Specifically, I'd
like Jigsaw to use Aache's default directories.

Yves, I followed your instructions abou using a PassDirectory and a CGI
frame, but all I get is pages full of exceptions when I try to index the
directory.  I must be doing something wrong.

OK, here's what I need:
/home/httpd/html - root html directory
/home/httpd/servlet - servlet repository
/home/httpd/cgi-bin - cgi repository

Per earlier instructions, I deleted config/stores/*
Edited http-server.props and fixed up this line:
I then added a PassDirectory called servlet and used the default
servlet-indexer as its indexer, and placed /home/httpd/servlet in as its
(I'll skip the cgi stuff for now, as it's not that important to what I'm

When I access http://server:8001, everything works great.

When I access http://server:8001/servlet/<anything>, I get a "documet
contains no
data" error on the client, and a huge stack trace on the server.

Help!  :)  Thanks,


Received on Sunday, 13 June 1999 09:08:01 UTC