Re: Still looking for libWWW-mini-server which supports GET and PUT

For quick and dirty, I offer my 311 line java source web server (CycomServer).
It could be converted to C++.
Supports GET,HEAD,PUT and POST (although POST does some experimental class loading stuff).
Also included is a test client (CycomClient).

Edit the source to configure DOCUMENTROOT and DEFAULTDOC.
Compile with "javac CycomServer"
Ensure your classpath contains "." and start server with "java CycomServer"
When the server starts, it prints the hostname (e.g cycom). You can then go browse this site
with netscape.

The test client is compiled with "javac CycomClient"
Run the client with something like "java CycomClient http://cycom/"

Disclaimer: Supplied as source code for entertainment and educational use only. User must
inspect source, modify,  test  and take full responsibility for any loss or damage
before use in other applications.

Roland Mainz wrote:

> Hi !
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> Roland Mainz wrote:
> > Is there a simple WWW server example available which supports PUT && GET ?
> > (don't say: Use jigsaw. jigsaw is very good, but we need a small server written in C/C++
> > for integration in a larger application.
> > I'm looking only for a quick&dirty solution !!)
> I'm still looking for such a small, libWWW-based http-mini-server.
> Please drop me (or in this list) a line where to get such a thing. PUT-support may be
> optional (first).
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> Bye,
> Roland
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Chris Turner,

Received on Wednesday, 9 June 1999 07:58:40 UTC