Re: How best to index large directory trees in Jigsaw?

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Anthony B. Coates, ESL +61 2 9373 7972 wrote:

> I have been trying to index the JDK 1.2 document tree (as a PassDirectory) in
> Jigsaw 2.0.2, and it seems to partially hang when dealing with so many
> documents.  By "partially" hang I mean that the admin interface is no longer
> able to communicate with the server process, though the server still honours
> requests for Web pages.
> Does anybody have any tricks for indexing large numbers of documents?  Thanks
> very much in advance,

If you have a large number of documents in a container, the admin protocol
will get the list then do one request per item to get infos on it, it will
take some time :) Not that there was some bug fixes in the connection
management (client side) and that may address your problem (see ).
If the hanging can be reproduce, can you mail us a stack trace?

> PS Why is the "Reply-To" address for the list messages set to
>    "www-jigsaw-request"?  Doesn't that cause confusion?  Or is
>    it just my e-mail client that reports it that way?

Your client must be using the Sender: field to fill its Reply-To :)

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