force browser to reload html

I have a servlet that write out an html file (homepage.html) with some
runtime dynamic information. Then the serlvet output a page that has 2
frames. One of the frame's src is the newly generated homepage.html

Apparently the browser does not reload the homepage.html even through the
content of this file got changed unless I hit the browser's (Netscape)
reload button. I looked up the status codes on HttpServletResponse.
SC_RESET_CONTENT says it means "the request succeeded and the browser should
reset (reload) the current document view". It sounds like what I need. So I
tried it, but it doesn't work as I want it (basically I want the
homepage.html reloaded to reflect the changes).

Is there a way from servlet to force the browser to reload an html from the
web server instead of just displaying its cached version?



Received on Thursday, 27 May 1999 18:48:31 UTC