Jigsaw on Win32, CVS/cvs conflicts, and EBCDIC

I have been playing with Jigsaw on Win32 (Windows NT).

Not being a particular fan of recursive makefiles :) and preferring not to
require GNU make on Win32, I have put together an nmake makefile.  With
appropriate changes (\ to / in filenames and ; to : in classpath) the
makefile should work on Unix.

I also have attached a simple batch script to set up run Jigsaw with the
preferred JVM/JSDK.

Note both the makefile and batch file contain the absolute paths to the JVM,
JSDK and Jigsaw home that must be changed to match your installation.

Perhaps you have heard this before :) but using CVS to checkout the Jigsaw
sources on Win32 fails on the *.cvs packages.  As Win32 filenames are
case-insensitive the "cvs" directory name confuses CVS as the contents look
nothing like a "CVS" directory.

I renamed the *.cvs packages to *.cvsx and changed the "cvs" directories to
"cvsx" locally.  This only took a couple minutes (and the re-built Jigsaw
seems just fine :).

On an (almost entirely) different note, has anyone tried running Jigsaw on
an IBM mainframe or other EBCDIC machine?

Received on Friday, 21 May 1999 13:55:26 UTC