Re: Virtual hosts with Jigsaw 2.0.2, JVM1.2, NT4+SP5

"Anthony B. Coates, ESL +61 2 9373 7972" wrote:

> I'm trying to set up a virtual host with Jigsaw 2.0.2, but cannot get either
> old or new JigAdmin to work.  It seems that to add a frame in the Swing
> JigAdmin, you need to use drag-and-drop, and this just hangs JigAdmin for me.
> I can't get it to work with the old JigAdmin either - I can add a frame
> (following the instructions in the doco), but cannot display its properties to
> edit.

The dnd doesn't work fine with swing, so there is another way to add resources
/ frames. Read the documentation at [1] and [2].


Regards, Benoit.

> Has anyone else got Jigsaw+JigAdmin+virtual-hosting working under NT4 & JVM
> 1.2?  I would be very grateful for any hints that anyone might have.
>         Cheers,
>                         Tony.
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