Re: How to set the "current directory" of a CGI in jigsaw ?

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Sorry for the late response, but you're mail no.31 in my inbox today (after
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"Michael S. Zick" wrote:

> My applogies if my delay in this response means your are hearing this for
> the 1,000 time.
> For a platform dependant (WIN95, WIN NT) answer, check out:
> package
>     public class Kernel32
>         public native static boolean SetCurrentDirectory (String lpPathName)
> ;
> This is the JAVA interface to the kernel32.dll -- for more info, check the
> MS JAVA SDK documentation.

I see here two problems:

a) According to the package name, this works only with the Microsoft VM on
MS platforms. (OK, in the special case of the Cochrane Library (a medical
I'll accept this because it only runns on the Win32 platform...
b) I was looking for a platform-independent solution, and it seems that such a
does (curretly) not exist :-(



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